A Level Geography Fieldwork Resources and Support

A Level Geography Fieldwork gives you the opportunity to create your own investigation and make an impact on the world of geography. Choosing a question from physical and/or human geography, you will create an investigation question, design the research methods, collect data and analyse and evaluate it.

Whilst this may sound like a lot, Study Geography is here to help you with resources and support to help create the best research question for you.

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Why should I use Study Geography for A Level Geography fieldwork?

As an online learning platform built for A Level Geography students, we provide a range of learning and revision resources for the geography course. Fieldwork, however, is very different to other areas of the course due to the diversity of questions and investigations that take place.

We are here to support and help students in all stages of the fieldwork cycle, from creating a research question to the type of data collection that can be used and the analysis of the results.

Our A Level Geography fieldwork course breaks the process down into individual elements, with guidance and exemplar investigations to help give you context and grounding for your own research.

In addition, we provide a sample A Level Geography fieldwork project with feedback and commentary to help demonstrate how the elements of the project fit together. We also go through appendices, risk assessments and other elements to consider when writing up your fieldwork.

How will I learn about A Level Geography fieldwork?

With Study Geography, our A Level Geography fieldwork course ensures that you get a rounded understanding of the process, and we split it down into individual elements of the process. These include:

Proposal & Idea

Creating the initial idea and how it relates to the course is the first step, and we help you design an interesting project. From looking at your interests to linking it to the specification, we'll show you how to design your perfect research project.

Background Research

Completing background research and a literature review is an important part of the fieldwork process. It can help identify gaps in the research that you can help fill, along with other data that can help with your final analysis and project write-up.


There are many different ways in which you can collect data for both human and physical projects. Our methodology guidance goes through different methods of qualitative and quantitative methods to solidify your research.

Data collection

Your field trip is where you will collect the bulk of your data, so ensure that you are prepared. Make the most of your time by having a solid expectation of what data you will collect and how you will go about collecting it.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the part of the project wher you piece the jigsaw together and draw patterns. We'll make this process easier by going through different data analysis methods for both qualitative and quantitative data collected.

Conclusion & Evaluation

Coming to a conclusion involves using your analysis to come to a decision about where your hypotheses have been proven, and your evaluation allows you to reflect back on the whole of the A Level Geography fieldwork process.

This course for A Level Geography Fieldwork is structured for AQA students.

How can I get started with A Level Geography Fieldwork with Study Geography?

We’re working hard on getting our learning platform up and running. Our memberships will start at just £7 a month, and you can access resources for most topics in the A Level Geography specification, including hazards, water and carbon cycles and changing places.

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