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We make our course notes engaging and easy to read, so you can understand the important information.

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Our Course Notes are kept up-to-date on a regular basis, meaning you have access to the most recent information.


You can download our course notes as PDFs, meaning you can keep them in your notes or access them when travelling.

A Level Geography Course Notes are the cornerstone to any student’s work. Unlike a printed textbook, course notes are kept up to date with natural hazards, urban developments and more. Textbooks go out of date as soon as they’re printed; with Study Geography you’re always at the forefront of our natural world.

Our A Level Geography Course Notes are also much easier to digest than textbook notes. We split each lesson up into different pages, and you can check off each lesson making it easier to track your progress. You can also see where you need to focus your revision based on which A Level Geography course notes you haven’t checked off.

Course Notes are accompanied by a variety of other learning resources, including our audio notes for selected lessons, and case studies integrated into the course.

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