Coastal systems and landscapes: A Level geography resources

Coastal systems and landscapes introduces you to the powerful processes that shape the edges of land around the world. From the unique structures that are created to serious issues of erosion, this topic dives into the impact of contemporary geographical issues on the lives of people living on the coast, and the efforts to make a difference.

You’ll learn about the different processes that create iconic landscapes around the UK’s coast, the efforts to tackle coastal erosion and prevent the loss of settlements, and the ways in which coasts from around the world are being protected and people are adapting to life by the sea.

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Study Geography utilises a range of learning methods, such as visual, audio and text. No matter how you like to learn, Study Geography ensures that you stay engaged.

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This course for Coastal systems and landscapes is structured for AQA students, and the course follows the specification points set out on the exam board’s website.

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