Revision Tools: targeted, efficient and effective revision

We built Revision Tools to help you find the gaps in your knowledge and make your revision more efficient, targeted, and effective. Based on the principles of SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) and the prior experience of many A Level students, these are the tools we’d recommend to unlock a higher grade!

Planning Grids

Essay planning grids are a great way of planning the structure of your arguments and what you’ll discuss in an essay. It’s a great habit to draw up a quick plan in an exam to outline what you’re going to discuss and to make sure you don’t miss any points.

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Revision Checklist

Making sure your revision notes are complete and you have revised everything is a must-have. We created these checklists to help you identify weaknesses in your studies and make more effective and targeted use of revision time.

Water & carbon cycles
Hot desert systems & landscapes
Coastal systems & landscapes
Glacial systems & landscapes
Ecosystems under stress
Global systems & governance
Changing Places
Contemporary Urban Environments
Resource Management

Test Tracker

Tracking your in-class test results can help make your revision more efficient by focusing on topics you find more difficult. Our Test Trackers also include a list of common mistakes and how to fix them. We recommend having a copy of this Test Tracker in your folder with your notes and class tests, and particularly in with your revision materials.

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