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Exam Technique is an important aspect of learning A Level geography. While knowing the content forms the basis of your answer, essay structure and mastery is what unlocks higher marks. Study Geography is here to help with A Level Geography exam guidance resources.

A Level Geography Exam Guidance

Why should I use A Level Geography Exam Guidance?

Easy to follow

Our A Level Geography Exam Technique course sets out how to plan, structure and evaluate in your essays.

Covers all areas

We cover all types of AQA exam technique, alongside how to plan, style and write out your answers.

Up to date

We keep our exam guidance resources up to date, with the latest guidance and insights for students.

Some of the A Level Geography Exam Guidance secrets

Many students aren’t aware of some of the most important elements of essay technique within A Level Geography. Our A Level Geography exam guidance course goes into detail about how to plan, structure and enhance geography essays. These include:

  • Understanding the meaning of the different Assessment Objectives.
  • A consistent evaluation that runs throughout the essay, rather than just the introduction or conclusion.
  • A clear and coherent structure that is well planned out.
  • Synoptic links where necessary during the exams to show wider geographical knowledge as a whole.

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