AQA A Level Geography: helpful revision resources and tools

AQA A Level Geography is a very interesting course, but can be difficult at times. Study Geography has a huge library of learning and revision resources to help guide you through the course. These resources are all written to help students with the AQA A Level Geography specification 7037.

How will I study for AQA A Level Geography?

Our extensive library of helpful learning and revision resources ensures you navigate the complexities of the course with confidence and ease. As you embark on your AQA A Level Geography journey, our platform stands ready to accompany you, providing indispensable guidance and support.

By becoming a Study Geography member, you get access a huge library of resources. Course notes are the basis of our platform, and multimedia learning resources are built around them. Check out some of our students’ favourite AQA A Level Geography learning resources below.


Make sure your knowledge is up to scratch with our online quizzes.

Exam Guidance

Get an understanding of exam style, timing and technique.

Audio Notes

Revise content with notes playing in the background.

Course Notes

Learn A Level Geography with engaging and up-to-date notes.

Case Studies

Thorough and contemporary examples of our natural world.


Check your knowledge of theories and concepts with interactive flashcards.

Why should I learn AQA A Level Geography with Study Geography?

Study Geography is an online learning platform built for A-level Geography students.  Our resources can be accessed at any time from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Our resources are easy to read and keep you engaged to learn more about the geographic world.

Since our resources are accessed online, they are always kept up-to-date. So if there’s a new update or development, you can be sure that we’ll update our AQA A Level Geography content so you have the latest updates available.

Free AQA A Level Geography Resources

We have a large library of free resources available. Our revision playlist has a list of TV shows, movies, books and more to engage with geographical ideas and theories. We also have a library of A Level Geography past papers to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. Finally, our range of revision tools help you make the most of your revision time, including key word portfolios and revision checklists.

Our platform is launching soon, but register interest now to be the first to join our community of enthusiastic learners and unlock the door to an enriching educational journey. Empower yourself with the confidence and expertise needed to excel in AQA A Level Geography by exploring some of our students’ most cherished learning resources. The path to academic excellence awaits!